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Les Belges Histoires | Laurent Baijot, digital coach

Laurent BAIJOT | Formyfit

According to the WHO, 85% of young people between the ages of 12 and 18 do not engage in sufficient physical activity, which threatens their current and future health. This alarming fact prompted entrepreneur Laurent Baijot, co-developer and designer of the Belgian sports coaching app Formyfit, to develop a version of his tool for schools: formyfit@school.

The app was already a great success with Belgian and international sportsmen and women, as well as with companies, more and more of which are concerned about the health of their employees. So why not adapt it to a younger audience? Formyfit is a real personal trainer that not only adapts its workouts to the user's fitness level, it also encourages and supports them verbally during their running sessions. 

For Laurent Baijot, who has a Master's degree in physical education, using Formyfit to get teens moving again seemed like a no-brainer. He therefore developed his app to be used in schools, in synergy with the Physical Education teacher. The app was tested in seven schools before lockdown, and has now attracted more than 60 French-speaking schools. Teachers have seen it as a way to remotely maintain their students' physical fitness by giving them "homework" and young people have enjoyed the fun, attractive aspect of Formyfit.

Because  as well as being a free and accessible tool, Formyfit intends to create a new dynamic around sport and soft mobility. The kilometres travelled by the student during training sessions, as well as while walking or cycling, can be counted and increase their counter, that of their class or that of the whole school. This means a game can be set up between classes or schools. This is additional motivation to adopt good habits, at an age when taking care of one's health is not necessarily the main concern. So let's face it, with Formyfit@school, running becomes a breeze!



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