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Why Indian investors decide to set up operations in Wallonia?

With new governments being formed both in India and in Wallonia, and the subsequent new measures taking here and there, the actual strong economic engagement between India and Wallonia/Belgium turns to get reinforced by further commercial trade, exports and investments from both sides. There has always been a very high interest from Indian companies toward Wallonia, with big groups such as Tata, Binani or Jindal setting up their operations, but also with SME expanding their activities in Europe through the Southern region of Belgium.

But why these Indian investors decide to establish in Wallonia?

The excellent and very central location of Wallonia on the European map is certainly the most appreciated reason why Indian investors decide to expand through the region, allowing them a very appealing proximity with European clients and thanks to some interesting logistic facilities and state-of-art infrastructures (sea, water, train and air).

Over the last years, Walloon government has also decided to deepen the support available for Indian companies by opening an Indian Subcontinent Welcome Office, offering Indian investors an easy and very flexible opportunity to jump on the European market. Free-of-cost fully furnished offices and personal human support are offered for up to 6 months. Main goal is to facilitate the investment project and encourage the European business growth through Wallonia, by sharing a huge network of professionals and getting things into concrete.

It is also a good way to centralize the information and learn about the different assets of Wallonia, such as the financial incentives offered on salaries, direct investment or on corporate taxes, the workforce quality, the procedure to establish a company, cost of living,…

Joachim Galand is sitting at the Indian Subcontinent Welcome Office, in charge of giving support to investment project from India: “Indian and Walloon mentalities in doing business are so similar and different at the same time. I am focusing my attention to Indian investors by helping them realizing their expansion projects, especially by coordinating and sharing our professional contacts, giving advices on practical matters and making sure our investors have a fair overview and feeling of the local market.

Investors usually strongly appreciate this initiative, especially for those starting operations from scratch in Wallonia. Benefiting a reliable human assistance is a good source of confidence.”

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