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36 Walloon companies attended PLMA's “World of Private Label” International Trade Show

Wallonia Export & Investment took 36 Walloon companies from the Food and Non-Food sector to PLMA, the international trade show for private labels in Amsterdam. The objective of this participation was to support the Walloon SMEs in returning to an international environment and renewing their contacts with their distributors after two difficult years coupled with an inflationary context, and, why not, finding new customers in large-scale distribution. Presentation.

of FOOD...

On the food stand were the unmissable chocolate specialists (Artista Chocolates, Choc and Co, Chocolats Rochefort, Millesime Chocolat, Libeert, etc.), as well as producers of desserts and sweets f all kinds, such as Waffles, Biscuiterie Destrée, Deleye, Dessert Factory, Food 'n Joy, PM Sweet, Verbau and Smiling Baker.

...and NON FOOD

On the non-food stand, we meet producers of various ranges of innovative cleaning products (Chembo Devil), natural beauty and para-pharma products (Hauliga, Laboratoires Ortis, Condilux) and biodegradable party products.

It was busy and bustling at all the stands and the discussions went well. The public were keen to return to trade shows and it was certainly an opportunity for our SMEs to win a contract or two!

Alongside the main regulars who have already made an international name for themselves, such as Belourthe, Millésime and Dessert Factory, there were also "nugget" companies participating in the show for the first time.



"PLMA allows us to spend two days presenting our new products to international customers and high-level prospects who are always looking for quality innovations in private labels. For us, innovation is the key to success in the face of large multinationals with huge push and pull budgets.”

By attending PLMA, ALVENAT wants to increase its turnover in the retail sector and particularly in private labels. The company's objective is twofold; firstly to promote their first cold-pressed rapeseed oil which is 100% natural, 100% Belgian and 100% local. Secondly, to offer sunflower oil in 1l containers that they market under their own brand or as a private label.

"Participating in trade shows is a great way to showcase your company and products and meet a large number of potential customers. It also provides an opportunity to see existing customers again and strengthen relationships," says Michaël Cernetig, Sales Manager.

For RAVIFLEX, producer of veggie and vegan specialities to replace meat and cheese, their first participation in the show is a unique opportunity to meet international contacts. It is the perfect time to create another strong network and nurture existing relationships.

AMIFOOD, on the other hand, is a regular at PLMA, where it has been presenting its pasta sauces and catering dishes for years. "With the health crisis," says Julien Marmifero, Sales Manager, "we have significantly increased volume. People have become accustomed to eating at home.”

HABI has been a family company for four generations, and its private label and own brand sauces and soups are also used to PLMA stands. 80% of their turnover comes from private labels. For CEO Guillaume Attout, "PLMA is the reference show for us. It is an opportunity to build relationships, both to develop our existing network and to find new clients. The people here are from the area and are interested."

FRIANDA is on the stand to promote its quality delicatessen products (quiches, delicacies, canapés, pastries) so it can develop the company in the export market and also discover market developments. "Despite the current instability in the raw materials market, we persist in finding quality ingredients from our region or from producers that we select with great care. We want to be able to continue providing a quality 'home-made' product," explains Nathalie Gonzalez, CEO.

HAPPY PAPER has been creating and selling its coloured paper products made from wood (tablecloths, napkins) for half a century, mostly in large food shops. PLMA is an opportunity for this family-owned company to meet a lot of potential buyers and customers. Henry De Witte, CEO, tells us that he likes meeting his competitors there too.

CHEMBO and its innovative detergents have been taking part in PLMA for many years. R&D is fundamental to this company, which is ready to translate new customers' ideas into real products. "After two years without PLMA, this is an unmissable opportunity to meet new prospects. In addition to our usual ranges, this year we would like to highlight our new concept of dilutable powder detergents, which help to combat the overconsumption of both plastic and water and reduce the carbon footprint of cleaning products," explains Steve Van Wynendaele, Export Sales Manager.

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