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IBA and Philips come together to fight cancer

IBA is the leading global provider of proton therapy and radiopharmacy solutions.
IBA is the leading global provider of proton therapy and radiopharmacy solutions.

Everybody knows that there is strength in unity! Two leading companies have taken this literally and decided to put their money where their mouth is. IBA, the leading global provider of proton therapy and radiopharmacy solutions, has concluded an international strategic collaboration agreement with a division of the Dutch industrial giant, Philips Healthcare, with the aim of offering cutting-edge diagnosis and therapy solutions for fighting cancer.

In concrete terms, this means that both partners plan to pool their specialisms. So IBA will bring to the table machines that produce protons for destroying cancerous cells and Philips Healthcare will provide its expertise in the area of imaging techniques. More broadly speaking, this collaboration will involve the sale, marketing, research and development of cancer treatment solutions.

"IBA is taking not just a huge step, but also a very exciting step. Collaboration with such an internationally recognised and high-profile company as Philips, which will allow us to combine the excellence and respective expertise of both our companies in the field of cancer treatment, will speed up innovation and provide more effective molecular imaging and cancer treatment solutions. This partnership marks an important step towards adaptive treatment for cancer and a customised therapeutic approach that will lead to all cancer patients achieving the best possible results", according to Olivier Legrain, CEO of IBA.

Although collaboration will initially be limited to R&D, it is due to be extended to commercial cooperation, with both companies selling their solutions in their respective markets.

Promoting an improved quality of life for patients 

Everyone agrees that proton therapy is one of the most exciting technological advances in cancer treatment. "We are looking forward to working with IBA, so that proton therapy and molecular imaging centres have easier access to first-class technologies and can therefore move more quickly towards developing our vision of a therapy that will change the future of healthcare and improve patients' quality of life", said Gene Saragnese, Executive Vice-President and CEO of Philips Imaging Systems.

As a reminder, IBA employs some 1,000 people around the world. Its treatment systems are mainly found in Europe and the United States, but are now becoming more widespread in emerging markets. One to keep an eye on...

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