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N-SIDE : AI at the service of energy and pharma

Life Sciences_N-SIDE software
Life Sciences_N-SIDE software

N-SIDE welcomes Belgian delegation during economic mission to the United States.  Founded more than 20 years ago and headquartered in Louvain-la-Neuve, the Belgian scale-up is an expert in AI technology and innovative solutions for the life sciences and energy sectors. Active on the US market for more than a decade, N-SIDE works toward its ambition of using innovative technologies to help pharmaceutical companies bring crucial medicines to patients in need in a more efficient way.

As a deep tech company, N-SIDE enables organizations in the life sciences and the energy sectors to make better decisions and optimize the use of critical resources. How? By combining deep industry expertise
with applied mathematics. 

In life sciences, N-SIDE streamline the clinical supply chain of pharmaceutical and biotech companies by accelerating clinical plans, mitigating risks and curbing drug waste. For example, N-SIDE’s solutions reduce the number of
drugs needed for clinical trials by 20-60%. Half of the world’s major pharma groups use N-SIDE’s technologies and solutions. N-SIDE helped pharma and biotech companies run more than 10,000 clinical trials more efficiently over the past decade. More than 6,000 trials has been driven by US based clinical supplies managers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, N-SIDE solutions helped pharmaceutical and biotech companies accelerate ongoing trials for other medicines. These savings indirectly created room and resources for the development of multiple COVID-19 vaccines and treatments. 

N-SIDE was founded in 2000 and over the years, positioned itself as a leading company in the life sciences sector. The company experienced strong growth in recent years, with a 40% YoY growth and doubling its workforce to more than 200 employees. N-SIDE has been operating in the US market for more than a decade and established itself in Cambridge, Massachusetts since January 2020. 

With more than 30 nationalities and almost 40% women in its management positions, N-SIDE is looking firmly towards the future. A promising future, with the ambition of having 400 employees and a turnover of more than 100 million by 2027. The company has also been recognized this year as Trends Gazelles and Best Managed Company by Deloitte, next to its B Corp, Great Place to Work and Best Workplace in Belgium certifications.

The company is now at a turning point and is once again preparing to move up a gear. The focus is to further develop its SaaS solutions based on cutting-edge technologies (artificial intelligence, algorithms and machine learning) and making them more accessible to a larger number of pharma and biotech companies in the US.

N-SIDE US Office

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