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PLMA 2022 "World of Private Label” International Trade Show: Walloon entrepreneurship well represented


AWEX will be a strong participant at this year's PLMA’s 2022 “World of Private Label” International Trade Show, which will be held on 31 May and 1 June at the RAI Exhibition Centre in Amsterdam. 36 Walloon companies from the Food (31) and Non Food (5) sectors will exhibit their products on the stand adorned in the colours of Wallonia.

PLMA is a must-attend event for many companies and is where thousands of distributors, wholesalers, importers and exporters from around the world converge each year to meet manufacturers able to produce their private label lines. Each year, the show attracts 15,000 professional visitors (super- and hypermarket buyers, discounters, purchasing groups, wholesalers of all types, etc.) from over 120 countries. 

During Covid-19, private label products have experienced strong growth in the European market. In the United Kingdom and Germany, for example, private labels account for more than 40% of the market and nearly one product in three sold in France. One of the most significant increases has been in the Netherlands, where market share is currently 37%. Half of the products sold in Spain are private labels and Portugal's market share now exceeds 43%.

The Wallonia Export & Investment Agency has been participating to PLMA since 2000, with a very large stand (306 m²) in the Food sector (more than 30 companies each year) and a smaller one (54 m²) in the Non-Food sector (cosmetics and beauty products; health products; cleaning and household products; clothing, etc.), i.e. a total of almost 40 Walloon companies each year, with a constantly growing demand for participation. 

It is remarkable that, despite their small size, our companies produce very large volumes of branded products (for example, in the air transport sector).

The trade fair will be the opportunity for several Walloon companies to participate in the event for the first time, as is the case for Raviflex. This provider, which does not have its own brand, is based in Waremme and specialises in the subcontract manufacture of vegetarian and vegan agri-food products for human consumption.  The company will be presenting a range of innovative products, including ovenbake bites, whose innovative technology provides the same crispness as using a deep fryer but with little fat and salt, and their raw and spreadable vegan products.

This will also be the first participation for Alvenat. This Achêne-based company is a family business created in 2006 and specialises in the production of a 100% natural and 100% Belgian first cold-pressed rapeseed oil. Alvenat offers a wide range of flavoured oils and dressings.

AmiFood is a regular participant at PLMA. Amifood is known for its high-quality products and its experience in the production of ready-made meals and sauces for fresh food and grocery departments, such as soups, vegetable purées, pasta sauces and dishes prepared according to traditional recipes and with organic products.

Frianda is another PLMA regular and has been active for over 30 years in the daily preparation of fresh food products for supermarket chains, delicatessens and butchers (quiches, pastries, canapés, potato-based and puff-pastry delicatessen products, and a variety of specialities). The flexibility of its tool allows it to make customised products. 

The products presented by Habi, based in Wavre, are high-end specialised foods in the range of sauces, soups, stocks, fruits and toppings (in Doypack, jars and cans). 

On the Non-food stand, visitors can meet Happy Paper. Founded more than 40 years ago and based in Enghien, Happy Paper designs, produces and markets a range of printed napkins and tablecloths for both national and international customers. Happy Paper also coordinates the design and the production of the decorations, acting as a unique interlocutor for its customers. It is the first company to provide 0% plastic packaging for its napkins, which are made from wood.

Chembo-Devil, also present on the Wallonia Export &Investment Agency's Non-food stand, is a manufacturer of Own Brands.  Equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, the company is the ideal partner for the development of chemical, biological and bio-enzymatic maintenance products for pipes, septic tanks, etc.

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency's annual participation at PLMA fits well with the Walloon government's Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) , which covers research, innovation and industrial policy, and fits well with the Five Strategic Innovation Areas (DIS).

Alvenat is a family business specialised in the production of 100% natural and 100% Belgian first cold pressed rapeseed oil.
Frianda is active in the daily preparation of fresh food products for supermarkets, caterers and butchers.
Chembo: the ideal partner for developments in chemical, biological and bio-enzymatic maintenance products for drains, septic tanks, etc.

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