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Taking off for new heights!

Walloon aerospace and aeronautics sectors: taking off for new heights!
Walloon aerospace and aeronautics sectors: taking off for new heights!

The aerospace cluster Skywin has just signed a major agreement with CRIAQ, the research centre for the aeronautics industry in Quebec. The agreement paves the way for new transatlantic collaboration in the aerospace and aeronautics sectors and is excellent news for Walloon exports.

The partnership was concluded during the Walloon economic and technology mission to Quebec and Ontario.

The collaboration is based around three fields of research: composite materials, whose use can reduce the weight of aircraft; digital simulation for calculating materials' fatigue resistance; and the 3D printing of metal aircraft parts.

The agreement strengthens the economic links between Wallonia and Quebec and also takes the relationship between the two regions to almost historic levels. Sonaca, one of the largest Walloon aeronautics businesses, is the Belgian benchmark when it comes to setting up in Canada. The Charleroi company has been operating in Canada for almost 25 years; it now employs 350 people in Montreal and its sales figures are constantly growing. Its activities include the manufacture of the wing structures for the Airbus A330 and several types of Bombardier aircraft.

Aeronautics is an important sector in Wallonia, providing 5,400 direct industrial jobs. Montreal is the 3rd largest global aeronautics centre, providing 43,500 aeronautics jobs in the province of Quebec.



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Skywin - aerospace cluster
Sona - one of the biggest Walloon companies in the aerospace industry

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