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WagrALIM: on the road for Brazil

WagrALIM: on the road for Brazil
WagrALIM: on the road for Brazil

WagrALIM is the competitiveness centre for the agro-industry in Wallonia. Its aim, among others, is to implement international actions for the benefit of its active members in the agri-food sector. Focus on Brazil, a solid development strategy.

This Walloon-based competitiveness centre's approach is to develop partnership initiatives, working together on research, innovation, market launches and business development.

It's essential to know that Brazil is very important for WagrALIM. In fact, there are incredible opportunities to highlight Wallonia's expertise within the scope of the natural resources and primary materials in Brazil. The centre's approach is to work for members on a case-by-case basis for partner's research, sourcing, technology transfer projects etc.

A permanent delegation from the centre is in place in Curritiba and is overseeing the monitoring of the different individual cases. About thirty Walloon cases are in progress.

According to LE VIF - 12/12/2013

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